Why Choose Smaller Glass Bongs

With the increasing popularity of bongs nowadays, will you allow yourself to be left behind? Indeed, bongs are trending the world over, and the reason can be due to the well-promoted health benefits that smokers can derive from this age-old smoking device. Yes. Bongs are the safest and healthiest way to smoke your weed, tobacco, or other herbs. This is because ash cannot get into your mouth, and carcinogens are filtered. The experience is much more gratifying as you may not be irritating your throat and nasal passages because there will only be cool smoke that comes out and minus the ash.

glass bongWhile bongs are increasingly in-demand, glass bongs remain the most preferred option for all types of bongs. This is because of the benefits smokers can derive from them. Glass bongs are transparent, so it is obvious if there is resin buildup, which should alarm you to clean your device already. Glass, unlike other bong materials like bamboo, ceramic, metal, and plastic, does not interfere with the flavor. These make glass bongs the best alternative.

But while you may have chosen glass as your next bong, you also have to decide the design, which can go from simple to the most complex. If you are a seasoned bong smoker, you must have already know what you are looking for. But if you have just shifted from pipe smoking or cigar smoking, you can choose the simpler designs. One of the factors also that you should consider is the size.

Here are some reasons to choose a small-sized glass bong over the larger versions.

It Is Discreet

If it is okay for you to smoke with your bong at home, you may go for bigger bongs. But if your mother still does not know that you are doing it, then a smaller bong is the more logical choice as it is easier to hide it in your Hemper box. It may also be easier to let it be shipped undetected.

It Is Handy

Who says smoking from bongs is only for the home? Not really. With smaller glass bongs, you can slip it inside your knapsack and smoke in an area where smoking is allowed. You can have your prized bong to any destination you maybe if you are a constant traveler.

bongIt Costs You Less

Glass bongs are usually priced higher than other types of bongs, which is understandable because of their many benefits. Most of the time, bigger versions are also more expensive than the smaller ones. As you may also spend on other needs, smaller bongs can be better options than big bongs. Anyway, if it is too much to ask your mom to light a big bong for you, there will be more inconvenient moments when there’s no one to ask to light a big, big bong for you.