Anal Bleaching 

Anal bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that lightens the area around the anus to create an even look of the skin color around that region. Anal pigmentation occurs due to hormonal changes, diet, and natural aging process.

Who procures anal bleaching?qDVFBef

A cosmetic surgeon, in a salon or a spa by a beautician, can perform anal bleaching. Moreover, the person seeking the intimate skin lightening can also conduct it at home. There are many products used in this procedure. The patient has the liberty to chose the product or method to use from these enormous variety.

Available Options

  • Laser treatments or cryosurgery
  • Lightening products available in the form of creams, gels, oils and ointments that the clients can repeatedly apply in the comfort of their homes until they achieve the desired results
  • Acidic chemical compounds usually used in salons and spas

Why Anal Bleaching?

Contrary to the popular belief that the area around the anus does not contribute the beauty of an individual, nowadays it does. As such, it deserves to be groomed and equally addressed. Most of the clients going for anal bleaching, pride themselves in knowing that they are well groomed everywhere. They do this not only for themselves but for their partners as well. Notably, many clients say that anal bleaching makes them more confident in intimate relationships. As much as a lighter asshole does not mean it is clean, it is widely perceived to be superior therefore creating a global interest irrespective of race.

Associated Risks?

Use of most anal bleaching products is certainly not clinically sound and is associated with some adverse side effects. The lightening agents contained in these anal bleaching products consist mainly of mercury, hydroquinone, and topical corticosteroids, at different concentrations, together with other compounds such cadmium, cobalt, chromium, nickel and lead, which can be intentionally added by dubious manufacturers to the products or be present as impurities.

FBGNHThese chemicals can also cause systematic complications when used to a certain extent. Skin contact with mercury compounds can be quite effective in lightening stubborn pigmentation. However, these compounds build up over time and can lead to irritation, the formation of patches of inflammation and the appearance of tiny, close together bumps, which may burst and discharge matter and later crust over, leading to soreness and discomfort on the already naturally sensitive skin.

Whether you decide to do anal bleaching at home or choose to visit a salon or cosmetic surgeon, you need to be aware of the products used on your skin. Some reputable online stores like that sell natural bleaching creams for home application.  It is recommended that you go for products containing natural and safe ingredients to avoid counterproductive adverse effects.