fallen leaves

Choosing the Type of Leaf Blower to Buy

Because a leaf blower is a device with so many possible functions, it is a necessity to have it in any home, whether you live in a high-rise condominium in the heart of a city or a cottage in a rural town. Although a leaf blower is primarily a garden tool, you can use it inside your house or in your car as a vacuum cleaner. You can also vacuum your porch, driveways, garage, and pool areas from dust, pollen, and snow. These are the many tasks that a leaf blower can do aside from gathering garden trimmings and fallen leaves in your yard or the gutter of your roof.

Leaf blowers come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. They vary as to what specific function you will be using them. The following tips may also be of help when you are selecting the perfect leaf blower for your needs.

Hand-Held, Backpack, or Wheeled


The wheeled leaf blower is suitable for large and professional jobs. It is used outdoors by street and park cleaners and those with large areas to clean off leaves. When it comes to medium to large jobs, the backpack is a perfect choice. It is ideal for cleaning residential driveways, gutters, and yards. 

When it comes to mobility, weight, and power, the hand-held type is the most mobile, the lightest in weight, and the weakest when it comes to power. The wheeled leaf blower is the least mobile, the heaviest, and is the most powerful of the three types of leaf blowers.

Battery, Corded, or Gas-Powered

Battery-powered leaf blowers are more mobile and are user-friendly. They are usually used to clean smaller areas because of their shorter run time. The electric-powered or corded leaf blowers are more powerful and lighter versions, but the cord may get in the way, and it may reach a limited distance only.

The wheeled blowers are usually gas-powered. They are used for larger jobs and the strongest when it comes to power. The downside of this type is the high maintenance of the machine and the volatile price of gas.

Noise Production

The wheeled and gas-powered leaf blowers are the noisiest types. For home use, you should try different brands of leaf blowers and check on the sound emitted. For sure, you do not want to be at odds with your neighbors because of noise from your leaf blower.

Honestly, there are many other factors to consider, like your physical fitness, location of your house, the weight of the device, and the variety of chores you are going to use the leaf blower in your home.