cinnamon rolls

Top Tips for Making Cinnamon Rolls

Some people like eating cinnamon rolls with a steaming bowl of chili for dinner. In fact, the combination of savory and sweet satisfy your food requirements during long cold winters. You can also take Instant Pot cinnamon rolls for breakfast, parties, and other special occasions. If you eat them more often, then you should know how to bake a perfect roll.

It does not matter whether you are making big, fluffy cinnamon rolls like those you get from a bakery or you have a favorite recipe, these tips can be of great help.

Do Not Overheat the Milk

As you know, cinnamon rolls include warm milk in the dough. A common mistake that most people make is overheating the milk. It is advisable to warm milk to 105 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go above that, you will kill the yeast, and lower temperatures will increase the time your dough takes to rise. You can use a thermometer or even dip your finger. Ideally, it should feel warm and not hot.

Use Soft Butter

If you want to have soft cinnamon rolls, then you should use room temperature butter in your dough. The technique works great if the butter is soft. When it is soft, the butter incorporates into the dough easily.

You should take the butter out of the fridge only for a few hours before you make your dough. In this way, it will have adequate time to soften to the room temperature. Also, you can take it out a day before you use it. Butter that has softened enough can easily be pressed with the finger.

Chill the Dough

The good thing about chilling the dough is that it helps break up the work of preparing cinnamon rolls. Moreover, the cold dough can be rolled easily and can be shaped into rolls you want. Therefore, tighter, neater rolls have mouth-watering spirals if sugar and cinnamon.

Fill with Room Temperature Butter

In this case, room temperature butter comes to your rescue. Many cinnamon roll recipes pour melted butter over the dough before it can be sprinkled on cinnamon sugar then rolled up. The truth is that it works, but it is messy, and the filling oozes outsides of the dough when you roll it up. This will not only cause loss of butter but even cinnamon sugar filling, which is not your goal.