How to Keep a Healthy Pet Cat


We always want our pets to be happy and healthy. It can bother us to see them not feeling well. They are pets and not humans to know how to take care of themselves when they are sick. We should always be there for them during those times.

For cat pet owners, it may be more difficult to know if your pet is sick than when you have a sick dog. Dogs are usually more energetic, and when they are sick, they lose some of this energy. They whimper, growl, or snarl when they are in pain. Cats have more reserved in their behavior. When they are sick, you may have to be very observant to know it. They may not hear a single sound that may indicate that a cat is in pain. You have to do your investigation if you think your cat is not in good condition.

If your cat has some behavioral changes, like not using its litter box anymore, there must be something wrong. It may indicate kidney, urinary tract, or bladder issues. Abrupt weight loss and weight gain can also point to an ailment. Look for blood in the stool, vomiting, loose bowel movement, and change in eating and drinking habits.

Indeed, we should all know our responsibilities as pet owners. Making sure that they are healthy should come first than anything else. Here are some tips that will help you have the healthiest pet cat.

Regular Visit to a Veterinarian

coffeeYou should not wait until you notice some signs that your cat is sick before going to a veterinarian. In some cases, it may be too late. Visiting a veterinarian will help you to know if your cat is ill and will advise you on what to do. Most often than not, feline X-rays are carried out to determine the exact cause of the ailment that is bothering your cat.


Buy Helpful Toys

Cats may not have the same energy as dogs. They may like to be sleeping most of the time. While it may be the normal thing for them, you should not allow them to be lazily lying on their pet house all the time. Like humans, they need to exercise too. You can buy toys that will trigger them to move, run, jump, and climb. Some toys like laser lights, turbo catchers, rolling toys will encourage your cat to move and flex its muscles.


playingGive Them the Right Food

Cats are meat lovers. When feeding them with meat, be sure to cook the meat thoroughly to get rid of flukes or other organisms. If you are feeding dish to your cat, do not forget to remove the bones, even the tiniest ones. You can check on the cat food you are buying from stores to make sure that it is enriched with the right vitamins and minerals for your cat.

Although cats are self-grooming, you should always bath them to get rid of dust and mites. You can bring it to a cat salon for professional and dependable grooming services.