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6 Secrets For Finding The Right Wedding Photographer


With so many wedding photographers out there, as well as prices and styles to chose from, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the perfect photographer for your special day. If your mallard island yacht club wedding is quickly approaching and you still haven’t found the right photographer, we will try to help you by providing you with some tips on how to find one quickly and hassle-free.

Whoever you choose, you should click with them

kissing coupleWhile you can easily go online and find a plethora of wedding photographers, you must meet them in person, so as to find about their personality and attitude.

Don’t forget that your photographer will be with you throughout the entirety of your special day. You will also probably invite them into your dressing room, as well. Therefore, you must hire someone whom you can fully trust and with whom you can feel perfectly comfortable.

Wedding photography is both a vocation and a business

When looking for the right photographer, look for an individual who excels both at photography, as well as running their business. This does not only apply to the profits they make but also the way they run their business. When considering a wedding photographer, think whether they will still be present in the business in 5 or 10 years time, when you might need a re-print.

Choose your style

There is a good number of wedding photography styles to chose from, from completely informal to fully formal and somewhat stiff. There are also photographers that tend to incorporate aspects of other photographic disciplines, such as avant-garde, fine art, fashion and so on. Also, there are numerous methods of processing, which range from black and white and color to totally gimmicky ones. So, before you chose your photographer, chose your style first.

Match the photographer with your style

In most cases, the style of a photographer is mostly foisted on the couple. You should know that experienced professional photographers are perfectly capable of changing their style a bit from one shot to the next. However, try to avoid choosing a formal photographer if you are looking for a more documentary style of photography.

Never forget to check out a photographer’s previous work, by looking at whole weddings, if possible. If you can come across some weddings, check out if the photographer shoots the way you want.

Portfolio shots usually differ from general wedding photographs

Keep in mind that almost all photographers choose photos for their portfolios, either because they fit a certain format, or because they consider them the best. In most cases, these photos are quite dramatic, show-stopping ones. Instead of looking at these, check out the rest of the photos, so as to get a true glimpse into a photographer’s ability.

Look for recommendations

ships on seaEven though there is hardly anything better than recommendations, make sure to avoid unqualified ones. When someone gives you a recommendation, ask the following questions; What is the relationship between the person doing the recommending and the photographer? Or, does a photographer have any real experience? If you are approached by a wedding venue that offers 10% cut so that they can make a recommendation, say no.

On the other hand, if a happy couple, who have had an excellent experience with a certain photographer, give you a recommendation, then that photographer is worth checking out.